Monday, June 6, 2011

Update! June 2011

I got locked out of this account for a while, something to do with having my primary email address for this account being tied to my station email address which is a business email run through Google, uhg, anyway...The address to send me your bands music, requests, press releases and general inquiry is still:

Check out the new flash player on the side, it streams the station. You can go to their site and make a custom widget and embed BER on your favorite sites as a widget or flash embedded player \m/

I am moved and settled into the new coach house which is where I now broadcast from. We are not 100% sure to which extent, but it is looking like the second half of the Fragile Existence debut album will be recorded here and over at Mr. Matt Hades of Great Black North's studio through the beginning of the summer in the coming weeks. More updates on that to come soon as well as info on upcoming shows. I am also now able to have bands drop in for interviews for my show live  here and I have a lot more free time to meet and record interviews elsewhere. Contact me through the email listed above or message me through