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Update! June 2011

I got locked out of this account for a while, something to do with having my primary email address for this account being tied to my station email address which is a business email run through Google, uhg, anyway...The address to send me your bands music, requests, press releases and general inquiry is still:

Check out the new flash player on the side, it streams the station. You can go to their site and make a custom widget and embed BER on your favorite sites as a widget or flash embedded player \m/

I am moved and settled into the new coach house which is where I now broadcast from. We are not 100% sure to which extent, but it is looking like the second half of the Fragile Existence debut album will be recorded here and over at Mr. Matt Hades of Great Black North's studio through the beginning of the summer in the coming weeks. More updates on that to come soon as well as info on upcoming shows. I am also now able to have bands drop in for interviews for my show live  here and I have a lot more free time to meet and record interviews elsewhere. Contact me through the email listed above or message me through

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blunt Force Trauma Nov 16th - All Canadian Edition Set-list

I need to go over this later on, but here is a quick write up of my set for tonight, apologies about it all being in lower case but I will fix it up with links to stream or download the show later \m/

sacrifice - the ones i condemn - toronto
fatality - victims of the dead - toronto
aggressor - million dollar slaughter - ottawa
profaner - through the depths - hamilton
exciter - death machine - ottawa

nitemare - crusin' down the wrong side of elm - toronto
hallows die - fall from heaven - mississauga
legion 666 - vestige through darkness - toronto
psychotic pulse - handcrafting the apocalypse - toronto

redeemer - global exorcism from - toronto
fragile existence - honor among thieves - toronto
terrorhorse - city sleepers - london
murder squad t.o. - another day in hell off - toronto

wolven ancestry - a trail of blood in snow - sudbury
eclipse eternal - infested with the human disease - toronto
woods of ypres - everything i touch turns to gold (then coal) - saulte st. marie
sylvus - II - toronto

necronomicon - into the fire - montreal
augury - aetheral - montreal
neuraxis - clarity - montreal
kataklysm - push the venom - montreal
derelict - Summoning the firestorm - montreal

endast - soiled hands - montreal
chainsaw armageddon - burnt beyond recognition - montreal
fuck the facts - no return - ottawa
mesrine - obsessive compulsive
mesrine - underground terror
mesrine - by my hands - montreal
under the grave - slave to the machine - montreal

alcoholator - liquid thrash - montreal
sanktuary - waking the dead - halifax
burning moon - vampire's curse - halifax
hellacaust - jesus camp - halifax

divinity - beg to consume - calgary
weapon - furor divinus - calgary
sympathy - invocation - calgary
zimmers hole - when you were shouting at the devil...we we in league with satan - vancouver

piledriver - metal inquisition - toronto
darkthrone - canadian metal - norway

instrumental bgm during talking:

sacrifice - we will prevail - toronto
mastery - behold
wolven ancestry - the true north...

Would you like your band featured on Blunt Force Trauma?

Metal bands! You can send mp3 files of at least demo quality and 128+kbps to:
gwenocide @

Not sure if your band fits into my show format? Brutal Existence Radio streams 24/7 on the web with a 30+ shows, dj's and podcasts every week covering a variety of metal genres. Feel free to send tracks to:

submissions @

**Please send information about the band and/or links to band website/contact info so the files can be properly attributed, distributed and promoted.**

Blunt Force Trauma Nov 16th - All Canadian Edition \m/

My radio show tomorrow is all Canadian metal content and primarily active bands out of the GTA. I have a ton of releases already, but if you are a somewhat local metal band and would like some of your music played tomorrow, hit me up! Tune in tonight from 7-10pm est over on

Blunt Force Trauma Nov 3rd Set-list - All Thrash Edition \m/

General Surgery - Viva! Blunt Force Trauma/ Cold Storage Fever
Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
Demolition Hammer - Envenomed
Agressor - Deathreat
Guillotine - War
Invection - Cranial Abyss
Invection - Invection
Lääz Rockit - Fire in the Hole
Exhorder - Exhorder
Nuclear Assault - Radiation Sickness
Mantic Ritual - Death and Destruction
Revocation - ReaniManiac
Dover Trench - Trench Death Gestapo
Exciter - Feel The Knife
Razor - Legacy Of Doom
Rabid - Led To The Gallows
Wehrmacht - Gore Flix
Insane - Metal Torment
Hirax - Walk With Death-(re-recorded)
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Immaculate - ThrashZilla
Sodom - Outbreak Of Evil
Exodus - Metal Command
Megadeth - Rattlehead
Megadeth - Mechanix
Xentrix - No Compromise
Hellish Crossfire - Speed Hunter
Alcoholator - Liquid Thrash
Rumpelstilskin Grinder - Grab a Shovel (We've Got Bodies to Bury)
Municipal Waste - Headbanger Face Rip
Municipal Waste - Beer Pressure
Morbid Carnage - Warlust
Hatred - Ratter Of Hell
Dr.Living Dead - I Need Thrash (Not You)
Ghoul - Splatterthrash
Disgrace - Mental Disorder
Rammer - Force Fed
Vektor - Oblivion
Forbidden - Forsaken At The Gates
Black Witchery - Tormentor (Kreator cover)
SkeletonWitch - Upon Black Wings
Melechesh - Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
Possessed - Seven Churches

Halloween edition of my radio show Blunt Force Trauma now up for download and stream!

I put together three hours of my favorite metal in the vein of Halloween theme for my live radio show this past week-  from grindcore werewolves, death metal zombies, black metal witches, thrash metal gore and all things macabre. I recorded my show live and it is now up for download and stream for those of you who missed it!

*DOWNLOAD* my Halloween special in mp3 format here: - in one file (3 hours) - split part 1 - split part 2

*STREAM* my Halloween special through your browser on the webplayer here:

The play-list for the show:
General Surgery -The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers
Cannibal Accident- Dawn Of The Dead
Cannibal Accident - Chili Con Carnage(Bon Ape Tit)  
Hemdale - Buried Under a Pile of Zombie Dung
Hemdale - I Am Dead  
Bowels Out -  A Chainsaw Autopsy
Repulsion - Eaten Alive
Repulsion - Horrified
Zombified - World of Disembodied Spirits
Filthy Christians - Zombie Holocaust
Terrorizer - Dead Shall Rise
Brutal Truth - Walking Corpse
 Massacre - Succubus
Ghoul - As Your Casket Closes
Skeletonwitch - Feast Upon Flesh  
Lair of the Minotaur - The Wolf
Legion Of The Damned - Werewolf Corpse
Macabre - Dracula
Cranium - Full Moon Fistbanger
Cranium - Graveyard Romance
Kreator - Witching Hour (Venom Cover)
Deathhammer - Witchfukker
Crucifist - Witchgrip
Witchery - Witchery
Witchburner - Blood Of Witches
Bestial Holocaust -  Witches Sacrifice
Deathwitch - Coffin Fornicator
Pestilence - Horror Detox
Death - Zombie Ritual
Unleashed - Evil Dead (DEATH cover)
Severe Torture - Feeding On Cadavers
Impaled -Back To The Grave
Severed Saviour - Buried Again
Interment - Night Of The Undead
Cannibal Corpse - Death Walking Terror
Necrodeath  - Raise The Dead (Bathory Cover)
Spawn of Possession -Dead & Grotesque
Broken Hope - She Came Out in Chunks
Vile - Butchered
Impetigo - Boneyard
Godless Rising - Eternity in hell
Diabolical Masquerade -  The Zkeleton Keyz To The Dead  
Dimmu Borgir - Spellbound (By the Devil)
Dissection - Unhallowed
Entombed - Night Of The Vampire
Candlemass - Bewitched 

My radio show Blunt Force Trauma streams live on Brutal Existence Radio
Every Tuesday night from 7-10pm est

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